Event Coordinator

Posted in Jobs on 29 August 2014
City of Melbourne
Develop, manage and deliver key event components within the broader events program, including elements associated with operations, budgeting, contractor management, programming and acquittal. 
The Position… is responsible for developing, coordinating and delivering components of events across the Events Melbourne Branch. This may involve elements associated with programming, operations, budgeting, contractor management, acquittal and other duties as required. The role also encompasses significant administrative components relating to efficient and effective event delivery.
The role requires the ability to prioritise in a dynamic ever changing environment with competing demands and deadlines as well as being a part of the Premier Event Team who are responsible for delivering world class events in Melbourne.
You will have…(selection criteria)
•  Ability to demonstrate and display City of Melbourne Values - accountability, integrity, courage, respect for self and others, and striving for excellence.
•  Proven project management skills including the ability to provide input into the planning process, manage project plans and manage budgets.
•  Experience in a supporting role within a large event team and a proven ability to understand complex reporting lines and manage competing demands.
•  Understanding of operational and risk management issues relating to major events.
•  Experience coordinating multiple event operational components in a community event environment.
•  Skills in event administration including preparation of event plans, reports, correspondence, papers, database management and general office duties.
•  Contract management experience.
•  Experience in effectively communicating to a wide range of Key Stakeholders internally and externally.


PR & Marketing Coordinator

Posted in Jobs on 29 August 2014
Location: Melbourne
The Corporate Marketing team is looking for an experienced and accomplished Public Relations/Marketing professional based in Hawthorn. Reporting to the Corporate Marketing Manager, duties include but not limited to:
- Copywriting and designs for company communication – website, brochures, presentations, Annual Review and Financial Statements, social media platforms, industry awards
- External announcements & press releases
- Events management (e.g. Annual Review Client Launch, major industry exhibitions)
- Industry memberships and sponsorships
- Print/web advertising campaigns
- Brand management reviews and audits
- Media monitoring
- Case study database management
- Photo and video library management
- Brand and marketing support to Business Units and Regions with design/copywriting/administrative services
Essential Qualifications/Requirements:
- Minimum 5 years experience in public relations (primary) and marketing (secondary) role
- Tertiary qualification in Communications, Marketing, Journalism or equivalent
- Strong written and verbal skills
- Major corporation experience a prerequisite;  International coverage preferred
- Construction marketing experience advantageous
- Proactive at chasing, developing and distributing newsworthy content for external audiences
- Exceptional relationship building skills with internal audience & engaging with senior managers & business development personnel to build external company and individual profiles
- Experienced at building and managing relationships with industry associations, media groups, publication editors and client PR teams
- Project management skills an advantage to assist with conferences and events


SEM/ SEO Specialist

Posted in Jobs on 29 August 2014
I have a fantastic opportunity for an SEO/SEM Specialist to become a valued member of an exciting, global and reputable organisation that reward and encourage career progression within a buzzing and friendly team culture. You will be part of a tight knit and supportive team managing international accounts and be responsible for utilising SEO and SEM techniques to drive continuous improvement to ROI and minimise the reliance on SEM and PPC activities. Specifically, you will be undertaking:
Keyword research - identifying opportunities to focus the content strategy
Developing and managing an SEO strategy across multiple platforms.
Content and link-building campaigns
Tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of campaigns
Undertake technical audits
Analysing competitors to ensure the user experience and SEO principles are best in breed
About you: A passionate and forward thinking individual with the following skills and experience: Demonstrable experience delivering SEO and SEM strategies
Proven ability to think strategically with SEO and content
Excellent level of understanding the best practices for SEO
Ability and experience in Google Analytics
The Perks: This is a rare and exciting opportunity with great work incentive, apart from working for a highly regarded household name we can offer you: Competitive salary plus superannuation
Training and mentoring 
Being part of an entrepreneurial team, within a large brand
Opportunity for career progression within in a supportive environment
Team culture that promotes constant improvement


iOS Developer

Posted in Jobs on 29 August 2014
Location: Melbourne
- Award-winning company
- Attractive Salary
- World-class iOS and Android App Builds
This award-winning FMCG Company with offices on the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD are seeking a highly talented iOS Developer with Android experience to join their exceptional team.
The successful candidate will assist with building the companies digital footprint and drive new ways to engage their amazing client portfolio.  You will be responsible for iOS and Android development of world-class applications for an impressive client portfolio. 
To be considered for this exciting full-time opportunity, you must possess the following skills/experience:
- A minimum of 2 years proven experience in iOS Development.
- A minimum of 6 months experience in Android Development.
- Extensive experience with Objective-C.
- Previous experience with PHP language is beneficial. 
- Flawless communication skills are essential.


Java Developer Mid Level

Posted in Jobs on 29 August 2014
Permanent role in great location
Excellent product and exciting projects
Work with the best/ develop your skills
A great opportunity has arisen for a highly experienced Java / J2EE developer to be part of a high performing team within a great company based in funky Surry hills
You will contribute with the development of Greenfield web projects within a great working environment. You will be working closely with senior members of the team in order to delver great quality code.
The successful candidate Must have:
• Minimum 5 years core Java/JEE
• Experience with Spring and similar frameworks
• Strong experience with Hibernate/Maven
• Agile Environment
• Front and Back end development
• Excellent experience HTML, JavaScript, CSS
• API Development
• Eligible Work Status in Australia PR or Citizenship.
• Knowledge with cloud based technologies and SaaS


5 things to consider when naming a brand

Posted in Tips on 29 August 2014
What truly is in a name?
PR professionals play a powerful role in promoting and cultivating brands for clients, as well as for their own organizations. Assisting with the selection of a brand name for a new product or service is an important aspect of that role. The team must choose a name that balances the right message and image to attract target consumers, while simultaneously informing those consumers of the benefits. 
Many PR pros forget that there is more to selecting a brand name than the words you choose, the graphics you use and how the brand makes the consumer feel. There are multiple legal considerations that also need be addressed, or they could haunt your company or client later. 
It can be easy to overlook that brands are valuable assets and protected property under trademark law. While registration of a trademark provides additional advantages, trademark rights are established through use. Trademarks are the public face of a product and hold the reputation of the organization. Thus, it is important to select the strongest trademarks to lay a strong foundation for a long-term asset. 
Here are five considerations, beyond the practical marketing concerns, that PR pros should contemplate when helping their company or a client select a strong brand name. 
1. What names are other brands using?
While conducting a search for a potential trademark is not mandatory before selecting and adopting one, it has many benefits. There are different types of searches, from those that only parse federally registered or applied-for trademarks, to more comprehensive searches that also include a search of trademarks registered in each state, trademarks in use but not otherwise registered, and uses of the potential trademark and variations thereof in domain names. 
Even a basic search of federally registered or applied-for trademarks will reveal similar marks for similar goods or services. Knowing what similar brands are already in the marketplace can help you steer away from a trademark that could embroil an organization in costly infringement litigation. 
2. Is it descriptive? 
The easiest-to-protect options for new trademarks are made-up words (such as "Xerox" or "Häagen-Dazs") or common words used in an uncommon manner (such as "Apple" for computers). Marks that describe a characteristic, function, quality, or purpose of a product or service should be avoided, because they are not entitled to trademark protection without evidence that consumers understand the mark is a brand name rather than a descriptor. This is otherwise known as “secondary meaning” or “acquired distinctiveness.” 
For instance, selecting the term "Delicions" for the name of a food product would require proof of secondary meaning/acquired distinctiveness because it describes a quality of the food item. If a company were able to use this descriptive term to the exclusion of all others in connection with its food item, competitors would be barred unfairly from using a term commonly used and understood by the public to describe a particular quality of food. Similarly, geographic locations and surnames need to acquire distinctiveness before being protected to the fullest extent. 
3. Is it weak?
A key purpose of a trademark is to be a short-hand reference for consumers to identify a particular product or service by a particular provider in the market. They're also intended to maintain consumer feelings associated with the product or service. When there are many uses of a term in the market for similar goods and services, it becomes difficult for that term to distinguish each company’s goods or services from one another. This is referred to as a "weak mark." 
When selecting a new trademark, it's important to avoid weak terms that competitors use. For example, search the Internet for the name “Ray’s Pizza” and you will find at least five pizzerias in New York City with some variation of “Ray’s.” Even if the term “Ray’s” perfectly expresses the desired feel for your client’s new pizzeria in New York City, using it will make it difficult for the new pizzeria to stand out among its competitors. Conducting a trademark search prior to adopting a new mark can reveal whether a term is weak. 
4. Are the words generic?
It's important to use your trademark properly to maintain your rights. Marks should be used as an adjective to describe goods or services, not as a noun. For instance, instead of saying “check out our latest model of Escalator,” say “check out our latest model of Escalator brand moving stairs.” 
When a trademark is used as a noun it may result in consumers calling all such products or service by your brand. That can reduce your trademark's significance, and perhaps even cause you to forfeit your rights. One of many examples of a trademark losing its trademark significance is the term "escalator." It was once a brand name of moving stairs. Now it is an alternative or generic name for moving stairs. 
5. What advice can an attorney offer?
Speaking with an attorney can help you avoid pitfalls and save money. However, don’t just hire any attorney. Even great business attorneys don't always know the many nuances of trademark law. It is important to select an attorney experienced in trademark law who regularly practices in the field, as they are in the best position to advise you about all aspects of the new trademark.


Save Time and Boost Engagement With Social Media Automation

Posted in Tips on 29 August 2014
We all know that social media is a huge part of the online presence of any business. Whatever your network of choice may be, you may feel like you’re missing opportunities with other social media platforms, or that you don’t have the time or resources to keep up with all of the different options out there today.
Fortunately, there are tools and tactics that can help you automate some of the steps and take away some of the headaches of dealing with multiple applications. Of course, there’s no way to take the time commitment out of social media entirely – but that’s not necessarily the goal either.
The time you spend cultivating your social media presence is time spent connecting with customers and prospects and, therefore, holds tremendous value. These tools will help you spend less time fretting over posts and give you more time to connect with your audience.
You’ve probably heard of Hootsuite before — it’s one of the most popular ways to integrate and automate multiple social media accounts. Compatible with Twitter, Facebook profiles and pages, Google+ accounts, and LinkedIn, Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to multiple networks at once, keep track of multiple Twitter feeds, and even create multiple lists of who you want to track and interact with.
With free and paid options for different tiers of service, including multiple management accounts and detailed analytics, Hootsuite is one of the MOST popular choices out there.
Be warned, there are a few bugs from time to time, but that’s to be expected with such a broad solution. For the most part, Hootsuite works like a charm.
If This Then That (IFTTT)
If This Then That (or IFTTT, as it is more commonly known) is an amazing database of user-created “recipes” for, well, just about anything you can think of. The recipes allow you to setup automated “if this then that” commands for social media accounts, Evernote, RSS readers, Gmail, Craigslist and a host of other applications.
Users can activate “channels” (applications), and choose recipes that function between them. For example, there’s a recipe to change your Twitter profile image when you change your Facebook profile image, and another to post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures (instead of as links). For more advanced recipes, there are options for automated posting from WordPress to Facebook pages, Youtube uploads to Facebook groups, SMS notifications for social media actions, and countless more.
And because the recipes are user-generated, there are always new recipes to explore, and if you can’t find what you need, you can create it.
IFTTT is simply an amazing collection of time saving, inter-platform solutions that may very well solve problems you didn’t know you had! Take some time exploring all it has to offer.
Zapier is very similar to IFTTT in that it allows users to set up “Zaps” for automation across multiple applications. Zapier, however, is a paid service, and that means that it offers more applications and more robust support than IFTTT. Zaps aren’t just limited to social media, and can help you streamline blogs, CRM needs, analytics, and nearly everything in between.
You can receive notifications for social media mentions, automate RSS feed to post to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, incorporate calendars and Google Docs, post across multiple Facebook Pages, and find thousands of other solutions among more than 250 supported applications. Find useful Zaps and learn more about plans at
The more automation you can incorporate into your social media efforts, the less time you’ll waste posting the same thing in multiple places, the less likely you are to miss an important message or mention, and the more time you’ll have for actually interacting with your fans and followers. Social media is an integral marketing tool for most businesses today, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Let the available technology work for you.


Vocabulary for Employee Engagement - Create It and Maintain It

Posted in Tips on 29 August 2014
Employee engagement is the secret behind most successful businesses – a company filled with happy, engaged and productive employees will have a much higher rate of accomplishment than one filled with employees only attending for their next pay-check.
Some of the methods involved in increasing employee engagement — such as regular feedback and flexible work arrangements — can take time to implement, but there’s one that you can start with right away.
The Importance of Words
Everything you say to your employees has the potential to alienate them or engage them further. Each individual sentence may not matter that much, but over time they add up creating a certain atmosphere you either want to encourage or avoid. There are a few particular phrases and ideas you should assess your usage of.
Do you demand your employees do something, or do you ask? If you merely tell them to do something, it can create an air of resentment. It’s dehumanizing, and it suggests you expect it of them, rather than appreciating their work. Try to ask, and say please, and you will find a much more positive response.
Thank You
Obviously, you don’t need to say thank you for every little thing – that can end up insincere, and that’s worse than not doing it at all. However, try to consciously thank employees who have done something particularly useful or suggested something you otherwise would not have thought of. Knowing that input is valued creates engagement, and engagement creates more input. It’s a useful cycle, and one you can kick-start with this simple phrase.
How often do you ask your employees for help? Is it a phrase you avoid? Many managers don’t want to appear weak in front of their employees, so will never admit something they don’t know, but this alienates workers rather than increasing a bond between staff. If you need help with something – perhaps you’re not very good at computers, and an employee is – don’t be afraid to say ‘Could you help me with…?’ As long as you don’t do it all the time, it can increase their respect for you – and once again, proves you value them and their work.
This is the same as help. Many managers won’t apologize if they did something wrong, so as not to look bad. However, not admitting your failures will only make you look worse. If you called out an employee for something you later learn they didn’t do – apologize. If you forget something, and it causes difficulty for them – apologize. You want to use this sparingly (you don’t want to mess up too often!) but when used well, it can encourage your employees and increase the chance they’ll offer assistance when needed.
I understand.
If an employee comes to you with difficulties, try to understand and sympathize with his or her point of view. As long as you are genuine when saying this, telling the employee you understand is a powerful way of highlighting that you see them as a person, not just another number. Beyond this, try to work with them to find solutions, rather than just writing it off as a problem.
Their Name
If there’s one thing you should take away from this, it’s to use the names of your staff members. Learn them, and make an active effort to refer to them by it. Don’t be one of those sales people who use it in every sentence, but a simple ‘do you have a moment, [name]‘ is instantly better when it comes to employee engagement than ‘do you have a moment’ by itself. This is one of the hardest to do, especially if you have a lot of staff working alongside or beneath you, but it’s one with the biggest benefits.
There are a lot more ways to increase employee engagement through your word choices and vocabulary, and it’s not enough just to change them once. Actively maintaining an atmosphere where you choose to speak to your employees as equals, rather than subordinates, will keep employee engagement high for years to come.


Twitter Opens Analytics Tools to All

Posted in News on 29 August 2014
Twitter is making its new analytics tools available for all users
The micro-blogging site launched its analytics dashboard in July, but only for advertisers and verified users. The tools offer users insight into how their content is performing on Twitter with a breakdown on the success of each tweet, total impressions and engagement rate.
Now, any and all Twitter users can find out how popular their tweets are.
“Absolutely thrilled to open up access to to EVERYONE,” Twitter engineer Ian Chan tweeted to announce the change.
To break it down, the dashboard allows users to:
- See how their tweets are performing in real time.
- Compare impressions (times a tweet is viewed by anyone on Twitter Web and Android or iOS apps, including logged-out users), total engagements and retweets month over month.
- Use the tweet details page to see how many retweets, replies, favorites, follows, link clicks and embedded media clicks each tweet received.
- Export tweet performance metrics into a CSV file, which now includes both organic and promoted data.
Although analytics is far more useful to brands and marketers than it is for the average Joe, it still might be interesting for other users as well. If nothing else, it will help them to gauge the best time to tweet and how often to do so.


Samsung Announces Gear S Watch

Posted in News on 29 August 2014

The face of Smartwatches is changing.


Samsung image

Samsung has stepped ahead of competitors with the unveiling of its Gear S watch. The small, wearable device was presented Thursday with Samsung Electronics’ chief executive officer and head of IT and mobile communication noting the company is “leading this exciting and rapidly developing wearable category through progressive innovation.”

JK Shin, in a press release, said the watch is breaking new ground.

“The Samsung Gear S redefines the idea of the smart wearable and the culture of mobile communication. It will let consumers live a truly connected life anywhere, anytime,” Shin said.

And, he’s right. The new model is much more advanced than the company’s previous watches and should allow owners to break away from their Smartphones.

The Gear S will not only, through its 3G connectivity, allow wearers to remain up-to-date on messages and social network activities, it can also make and receive phone calls. The device — with its two-inch curved Super AMOLED display — can also be synced with a user’s Smartphone to have calls forwarded.

Samsung isn’t forgetting those with a healthy lifestyle in mind, either. The Gear S comes with enhanced multi-sensors, built-in GPS and a number of S Health features. Applications such as Nike + Running will also allow users to track their runs and stay on the go without carrying their smartphones.

The Gear S is expected to come on to the market in October.


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