Four Ways to Make More Money With Social Media Marketing

Posted in Tips on 02 July 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories about how people built million-dollar empires overnight using Facebook.

But if you ask real business owners, the fact is, many of them haven’t figured out the “Facebook thing” and how to use social media to actually make money.

After reading this article, you’ll have heard about four proven strategies that will help you make more business income, are easily implemented and will transform your business results.

Contrary to popular hype, this is not a magic wand for creating instant sales. However, it is a VERY important part of your overall marketing strategy.

Here are four proven tips to boost your business brand and grow your profits with this type of marketing:

1. Brand Visibility: This form of media is a powerful branding tool for your business. It allows you to instantly increase your business visibility, expand reach and develop relationships online.

It’s a powerful way for people to check out what you are about; as you provide useful tips and information, it builds trust and rapport. That opens the door for connecting and engaging directly with your audience.

However, many businesses are quick to set up a social media presence without much thought or planned effort.

Have a graphic designer create a cover image that matches your website branding; this can add polish and professionalism to your Facebook presence.

You’ll want to take time to properly fill in your ‘About’ section and profile to ensure you are sharing a consistent marketing message. And you want to definitely use a professional headshot for your profile pic.

Also make sure your content is specifically geared to your ideal target audience. A consistent brand message acts as a powerful tool to attract customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

2. Generating Website Traffic: Not just any lead is a good lead; social media helps you drive qualified traffic to your website.

Social media puts the prospects in charge; they choose and click on what interests them when it’s convenient for them. Millennials in particular demand what they want, when they want it. The result is “hot leads” that are very interested in what you have to share. This is a much more effective approach than cold calling or “spam” e-mail marketing.

Social media provides a platform for you to post content, freebies, and special offers that you can drive readers to visit your website to find out more.

Now Facebook features a Call to Action button that makes it easy to drive visitors to your website. It gives you the option to Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, or Watch Video right on your page.

Additionally, staying at the top of the search engines to drive traffic for top keyword phrases can be difficult. That’s why social media is a great traffic generation tool that is accessible to everyone. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to be a “tech geek” to implement this effectively.

3. Building your Database: Everyone knows the money is in the list and social media helps you build a robust marketing list. Starting an email marketing list from scratch can be challenging but social media allows you to build targeted lists of your ideal potential clients.

For example if you have three core customers: divorced women, midlife women, and empty nest women, you can create a separate special report written for each of these groups. By offering these free reports on social media and using targeted ad campaigns that require people to opt in to receive them, you are filling your list with potential core customers. You could take it one step further and sort your general audience into targeted e-mail lists that you can e-mail further resources, offers, and products for that unique audience.

Sharing more relevant communications and offerings can boost your conversion rates significantly. Take advantage of social media to share free audios, special reports, videos, checklists, and other tools that can help you build your e-mail marketing list.

4. Lead Nurturing: This is the first step in relationship building. Getting that first exposure to a new prospect can be difficult and social media makes it easy.

Strive to be a genuinely caring and helpful person — not just someone trying to get the sale. If someone leaves a comment on your posts, you can continue the conversation by replying and sharing additional information.

Plus, anyone can LIKE your Facebook business page or share a tweet. Once content is shared, it is exposed to that person’s newsfeed, exposing you to a wider audience.

The next step is building upon that relationship. That’s where blogging and e-mail marketing comes in. Driving this type of traffic to your website allows you to continue the conversation. Fans can dive into content found on your blog that they find interesting. From there, they can sign up for a freebie you offer.

It takes multiple exposures to turn a stranger into a lead and ultimately drive a sale. This media is the handshake that begins building the rapport that builds the trust that leads to a sale.

By seeing social media as the first step in a series of exposures with your business, you can nurture that lead into a fan and ultimately a customer.

Start Increasing Your Revenues Today

If you aren’t embracing this form of media as part of your overall marketing, now’s the time. Social media can help you build your brand, drive traffic, grow your marketing list, and nurture leads.

These are proven strategies to make more business income that are easily implemented and will transform your business results.


Content Marketing Tools for Unique Content Generation

Posted in Tips on 02 July 2015

Unique, high-quality content is at the forefront of every marketer’s mind these days, and with good reason. Most of us have heard the words “content is king” more times than can we care to admit. Every marketing website, blog, podcast, and pundit stresses this point to redundancy. But the truth is, content really is the most effective form of marketing today, and the numbers prove it.

Content marketing is not going away anytime soon, so for those who have yet to adopt this strategy, now is the time.

So with top-notch content released onto the web at an unprecedented rate, how are small businesses supposed to keep up with the competition? By employing the most innovative and uniquely engaging content marketing tools available. Check out the valuable content marketing tools below to help further your brand awareness and base audience:


THRED is a standout content platform developed by the critically acclaimed and world-renowned game designer Will Wright.

Will is the mastermind behind the multi-billion dollar gaming franchises, The Sims and SimCity. When speaking on the app, Will was quoted as stating that, “THRED is a direct evolution of my interests in crowdsourcing, online communities and tools that amplify the imagination.” He went on to say, “In recent years, I’ve been drawn more and more to new entertainment forms – ones that lead the user to become more engaged with the world around them, rather than withdrawn from it.”

The THRED platform, which recently released its mobile app, provides users with a myriad of tools to generate and share multi-image stories, or “threds” as the company calls them. The tools that THRED provides allows even the most novice of content creators to develop unique and colorful expressions by simply grabbing a web image, a photo, or practically anything else to create and share a “thred” with friends and followers.

“Threds” can be created on virtually any topic and the platform will organize content into a single stream, allowing for smaller bits of entertainment to be consumed more often.

Additionally, the innovative platform also houses a massive linking ecosystem, entitled “StoryWebs” which allows individuals to connect topics, people, places, and other web content to keep conversations engaging for those involved. Not only can URL’s be added but hashtags, mentions, places, external links, and other “threds” can all be incorporated as well.

Mr. Wright may have summed THRED up best by stating, “… THRED is a better way to create and consume content… We provide quick and easy access to the sea of personal and global data we swim through every day as building blocks for the creative process.”


Canva is a visual content creation portal that eliminates all complexity out of the creation process. Essentially it is a graphic-design tool for people who aren’t graphic designers. Canva supplies users with a massive library of previously existing templates that can be manipulated while also introducing original imagery to the product. The system revolves entirely around intuitive controls like drag-and-drop features which makes adding, removing, or editing anything on your canvas completely effortless.

Canva streamlines the creation process by not overwhelming users with options. This sentiment is made clear with the built-in color picker tool. Users can alter the color used for text and some of the built-in glyphs, but initially a palette of only 5-8 colors is supplied. Canva brings sophisticated design technology to the amateurs, but make no mistake, this tool can be extremely useful to more seasoned designers as well.

While Canva does have a “premium” service for access to additional assets and graphics, it is not totally necessary because there are plenty of graphics to keep users busy.


Similar in nature to tools like THRED or Blogger, Storify allows users to compose text or upload images, and publish them as “stories” or posts through easy-to-use editing tools.

What makes Storify unique is that users can integrate sources from all over the web to tell stories. The media section can be customized to show other Storify users, tweets on Twitter, posts from Facebook, videos on YouTube, images from Instagram, Google, Tumblr, and loads more.

Additionally, Storify gives users a browser button that can be added to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This allows users to simply click a button and have new content added to your story quickly and easily from anywhere on the web. But, of course, the site does preserve the attribution and metadata for anything that is used or quoted. Storify also supplies the community with a built-in tool that notifies the original sources of being cited by a user.

As platforms like these continually reimagine the way content is created and shared, businesses and online communities are constantly evolving to keep pace. With more and more fantastic tools and applications appearing each year, individuals and small businesses are poised to have the ability to create content that can compete with much larger organizations.

As more of these tools become accessible to the public, the playing field for content marketing becomes more level for small businesses to play in the big leagues. Play around with these content creation tools and you just may find your next greatest ally for success.


Business Writing Tools

Posted in News on 02 July 2015

Writing quality content suitable for a business setting is essential, especially if you want to effectively promote your business’ brand and gain profit. The right business writing tools makes the whole task easier and more efficient. Business writing has to appeal to the target audience for it to eventually convert into sales. It should be coherent and creatively written. By using the following tools, writing quality content has never been so easy.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition app that is powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology. With this app, you can speak and generate the text instantly. You do not have to type because it is a voice recognition application. Whether you are creating an e-mail message or a blog post, it is now easy for you to just speak and instantly create the text using your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.


When writing for business use, there are different types of documents that you have to create. There are times when you simply rely on templates and forms so it is much faster to just add the text needed. Through Docstoc, you get to see top documents available online. From business plans, pay slip templates to financial projections, almost all of the business documents you need are available on this site. They have a premium document library that you can browse. The site also gives you various expert articles, videos, customizable legal forms for download and even online learning courses. You can use the site for free but you cannot access everything. Plans start at $9.95 per month.

When you have a lot of projects on-the-go, it can be difficult to spend time writing. In such situations, you can always rely on professional writing services. provides a wide range of writing services depending on your needs. Whether it is business writing or other types of content, you simply send in the instructions and an expert will handle the job. You just have to give the instructions and other details. Once you have paid for the job, they will deliver based on the deadline you set.

Sentence Aerobics

Writing with clarity is important especially for a business material. You need your readers to understand what you are saying. VanWrite Sentence Aerobics is a software program that can show your content’s strengths and weaknesses. It also highlights the parts that need revisions. With Sentence Aerobics, there is no need for software — it can be used across various operating systems and all browsers. All you have to do is to access the website and start using the tool to make the necessary changes.


Launched back in 2007, Scrivener is an app that was named the 2010 Editors’ Choice Award. This app offers writing aid to make it easier and more efficient for business owners. This tool can help you all throughout the process. What is nice about this app is that is simplifies the writing, editing and revising process. Now, you can use this tool whenever you are writing any business material. You can easily organize your thoughts, ideas and other relevant information that you want to include in the piece. Having a well-written and structured article is crucial.

In business, there are certain words that must be used to make your content sound formal. There are also words you should not use. The website, offers a platform where you can “unsuck” business jargon. It is very easy to use. You can even search the site or just key in a word to check. By using this tool, you can replace words that suck and with creative and appealing words for your business content.

Gunning Fog Index

The length of business content is also important. Gunning Fog Index is a tool that you can use to see the weighted average of the number of words for every sentence. It also calculates the number of long words. To use this tool, you just copy and paste the text into the tool. Just make sure that the text is in complete sentences. Results are available instantly.


Facebook Changes Algorithm to Surface Videos You’ll Actually Enjoy

Posted in News on 02 July 2015

In a further bid to be the one-stop online shop for all of your needs, Facebook has again tweaked its algorithm, this time to bring its members videos they actually want to watch.

Facebook has updated its news feed ranking to track which videos you expand to full-screen, un-mute or opt to watch in HD to determine the type of clips most likely to be of interest.

“We have learned that certain actions people take on a video, such as choosing to turn on sound or making the video full screen, are good signs they wanted to see that video, even if they didn’t want to like it,” Facebook engineers Meihong Wang and Yue Zhuo said in a blog post.

“Today, we want to share an update to News Feed ranking that takes into account these actions to help people see more of the videos they care about and fewer of the videos they don’t.”

The change, which is rolling out to all users in the coming weeks, will not cause Pages to see significant changes in distribution, Facebook said.

The update builds on a change made earlier this month. Facebook used to determine what made it into your news feed based on your likes, comments and shares. But the social network announced a few weeks ago it would now factor in how much time you spend viewing stories in your news feed.

The change came after consulting its members about news feed relevancy. Facebook said it discovered that just because someone didn’t like, comment or share a story didn’t mean it wasn’t of interest to them.

So now, if you spend considerably more time on a specific post in news feed compared to the others, Facebook will take note and bring more such posts your way in the future.

It should come as no surprise that Facebook has put such intense focus on video views.

Video has grown by leaps and bounds on Facebook since last year. The number of video posts per person has risen a whopping 94 percent in the U.S. Globally, it has risen 75 percent per person. Once videos from brands are factored in as well, video has increased 3.6 times worldwide in the past year.

Already there are approximately four billion videos views each day.

Taking the increasing interest in videos to heart, Facebook in March announced an embeddable player to make it easy for members to share videos on the social network on their own sites and blogs.


Conducting Keyword Research for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Posted in Tips on 02 July 2015

Keyword research and keyword optimization are not dead, although their use in SEO has evolved in recent years. The experienced content marketer understands the importance of keywords, not only in search optimization but also in content promotion and in social media marketing, retargeting, and other forms of digital marketing. Keywords can prove critical to the success of a content marketing strategy, and effective research requires more than finding appropriate keywords.

The days of keyword stuffing are long gone, and content marketers are encouraged to use keywords lightly in text, include semantically related keywords, and learn how to optimize for long-tail searches. This still requires solid keyword research, effective keyword planning, and sound keyword optimization.

What’s more, keyword research can help content marketers identify hot topics, evergreen content, and to organize a content publishing calendar. Specifically researching social media keywords can also help you to develop an effective social media marketing strategy, while ensuring that you stay on-point by producing relevant media for networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Do Keywords Still Matter?

With all the talk of semantically related keywords and the seemingly constant threat that keywords are dead, it is easy to consider keywords as unimportant. However, the fact remains that users still start with a keyword search while on search engines, and they still want to see relevant content while on your blog, your website, and even your social media pages.

Keywords are bolded in search results, which can give your title and description greater prominence. Your search engine listing for each page should be viewed as an ad for that page, and making it stand out through bolded keywords is just one way of helping to improve your conversion rates.

Google typically populates its search results using the Meta tags on your pages; as do other websites including social media sites. Identifying and properly implementing the right keywords not only helps in your SEO campaign then, but can also assist in social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and even in your content marketing planning.

Tools like Yoast for WordPress enable you to add meta descriptions, while WildShark’s SEO Spider Tool is a free desktop SEO tool that highlights those pages of your site that are currently missing any title and description tags. It also enables you to identify which of your pages are most likely to rank for chosen keywords.

Longtail Optimization

Longtail keywords are important. Individually, they attract very few visitors but they do typically have a high conversion rate of targeted visitors. When combined, your longtail keywords will make up a decent amount of traffic to your site, too. Often, we read that it is impossible to optimize for longtail keywords because it is impossible to predict the four or five word strings that people use when searching in this way.

While it is true that keyword research tools are often unable to produce longtail terms, by adding more content, including more keywords, and basing keyword predictions on existing analytics data, it is possible to pre-empt your potential visitors’ search requirements to some extent.

Use your Google Analytics or other Analytics software and export the list of keywords. Look at the longtail keywords that have been used, and identify common strings and similar searches. By substituting some of your major keywords into these terms, in place of the main keyword, and adding content that includes synonyms and semantically related terms, you can at least increase the likelihood of exposure to longtail searches.

Researching Keywords

There are different approaches to researching keywords. Tools like Wordtracker can cost a reasonable amount of money, but paying for a subscription to a service like this enables you to find some of the more obscure keywords. You should also consider free tools like SerpStat, which can provide you with question based keyword ideas; a very useful source of possible longtail keywords.

Don’t be afraid to create a massive list of keywords. You should be adding content on a regular basis, and when mapping keywords, you can assign some of these to your regular blog posts, to your social media posts, and some to your main pages.

Keyword Mapping

Create a content framework that includes the primary pages, your cornerstone content, secondary and supporting content, and your ongoing and even external content. Once you have a content framework, you should assign keywords to each page.

Don’t simply throw a relevant looking keyword at a page. Consider the visitors that are likely to land on each page, and then opt for the keywords that offer the greatest relevance, taking into account what stage of the buying process they are at, their level of exposure to the product or service you offer, and how they are likely to have arrived on your pages.

This is an integral stage in the content marketing process, and it will play a big part in conversion rate optimization too. Spend some time to ensure that you’re placing the right keywords on the right pages.

Using Keywords In Content

Thankfully, keyword stuffing is no longer a viable keyword tactic and considering the fact that keywords are important to your search result listing, the placement may be considered more important than the number of times you use a specific keyword. Include your keyword in the title and description of the page, and do try to utilize it and synonyms, or semantically related terms, in your text.

Use keywords in your blog posts, and use your keyword list to help determine the content for at least some of your posts. Similarly, use keywords in external content, and on your social media updates.

Monitor And Act On Performance

Like any good PR or marketing campaign, content marketing should not be considered a one-off affair. Monitor ongoing results to determine efficacy and so that you can use updated analytics results to identify additional longtail keywords.

Regularly update your keyword list, incorporate new keywords and continue to analyze the path that visitors are taking, the strings they are using when compiling search terms, and the stage of the purchasing funnel they are at when they arrive on your pages.

Above all else, when looking to introduce more longtail search terms, the key is to keep producing relevant and high quality content. Answer questions posed by your own visitors, use sites like Quora and even LinkedIn Groups to help identify popular questions and queries.


The Latest Major Google Shifts: Why Your Content Must Be HTTPS

Posted in News on 02 July 2015

What exactly is HTTPS? Well, it’s a protocol used to establish a secure connection between a user and a server.

By enabling an HTTPS connection you create a trustworthy link between your server and the user, thereby making it virtually impossible for external parties to be privy to the information shared there.

Having an HTTPS connection might be even more important as recent statistics suggest that Google might be planning an update to their search algorithm that rewards sites that build around HTTPS. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Is my content HTTPS ready?”

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure“, the bigger brother to our HTTP connections. What HTTPS does is allow for secure connections to be established between a server and client utilizing a protocol known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

HTTPS is most commonly seen in e-commerce sites or banking sites and is easy to spot thanks to the “Lock” icon that is prominently displayed in the address bar. HTTPS is essential to these services as information transmitted to these institutions need to remain secure for the protection of their clients. From a content site’s perspective, our trust is on the line whenever a user visits our site so to maintain our standing with our users, utilizing HTTPS might be in our best interests.

The Statistical Analysis

For the last ten days or so, Google’s ranking data for HTTPS pages has increased a whopping 9.9%. This might have been due to the recent shift in protocol type from Wikipedia, a powerhouse in itself of traffic. Wikipedia accounts for quite a large volume of page-one rankings and their change from HTTP to HTTPS might be affecting the statistics so as to give us a false understanding of what we’re looking at. In order to figure out if this is just an anomaly due to Wikipedia’s movement from one subset to the other, we have to look at how performance changes when we remove the subsets and consider all sites under the same umbrella.

When we do this, we still see a massive change. Although not as massive because of Wikipedia’s, the statistics tell an interesting tale and allow for some speculation on what the information we now have might mean. From what we know about Google and its updates starting with Penguin and Panda, it has become more of a user-centric search engine, trying to make webmasters conform to a Google ideal. If sites want to play nice with users, they have to play ball with Google first. This falls in line with what Google is trying to do to build a more user-friendly Internet. It is very possible Google may see this as a good opportunity to raise the stakes in the security race online.

How HTTPS Can Possibly Affect Our Traffic

Currently, Google uses HTTPS status as a very lightweight ranking factor, less than 1%. Based on what we’ve seen from our statistical analysis, this might change in the future to incorporate HTTPS more into the ranking system. I’m not going to go out on a limb here and say it will change the face of the Internet but the ramifications are still significant and far-reaching. And, for a webmaster to change a site from HTTP to HTTPS isn’t such a difficult task. Most changes to be done are automatic and usually implemented server side. As content producers we probably won’t be affected with the exception of our sites becoming reachable via HTTPS as opposed to the more common HTTP.

Currently, establishing an HTTPS solution for a content site allows users to have more trust in links and allows for the secure transmission of data. Although data presented to a content site may not be highly sensitive, setting up an HTTPS connection ensures that no external party is spoofing addresses to garner information from users that they would not normally divulge. This type of social engineering is becoming more and more common and an HTTPS connection helps with stopping this possible problem.

How does HTTPS Really Affect Your SEO?

Previously, Google’s Matt Cutts made the statement that he would like to see more sites using TLS (now SSL, the primary connection protocol for HTTPS) be rewarded for their dedication to the user. Google announced some time in August 2014 that HTTPS enabled sites would get a very minor boost to page ranking thanks to their HTTPS status. Although the boost is minor, it is still something to look at especially if competition in your particular niche is fierce for page ranking. Based on new evidence, however, it is very possible that Google may be planning another big update that could change how we see HTTPS in the near future.

How Can I Change My Site From HTTP to HTTPS?

There are a few ways that you can go about changing your site over from HTTP to HTTPS. Google recommends using 301-redirect requests on your server, allowing users to get redirected to an HTTPS page whenever an HTTP page is requested. Although somewhat of a messy solution it is still workable. Alternatively, you can invest in a sever that has HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). This forcibly changes any HTTP address entered into an HTTPS address ensuring that users don’t get led off the beaten path and end up divulging their information to some unscrupulous third party.

HTTPS & the Future

Will HTTPS be more of a ranking issue in the future? The truth of the matter is that it’s still too early to tell. Until Wikipedia settles down into HTTPS territory and we can safely see what the statistics show in relation to their new position, we can’t be one hundred percent sure what we’re seeing is the test of a new Google ranking update or just the waves Wikipedia made when it dove into the pond. Regardless of whether HTTPS is a major issue in site ranking or not, it’s still an important consideration for any site.

Information is a potent thing online and taking care to secure it is one of the most important things we can do for our sites right now.


Communications Coordinator

Posted in Jobs on 02 July 2015

At Careers Australia, you have the opportunity to be part of creating brighter futures and opportunities for everyone. We aim to be the best at what we do. This means that we must attract, develop, engage and retain the best people in their fields of expertise.

We believe that people thrive in environments where opportunity and ambition meet, so when you walk through the doors at Careers Australia, you don’t just step into your next job. You step into your next career.

Everyone at Careers Australia has the opportunity to do, be and give their best. Along with the usual benefits in working for a large organisation, you will also be developed to be your best self both professionally and personally. Unlike many jobs, you will you also have the rare opportunity of being part of an organisation that is helping people to change their lives through education and creating pathways into jobs which many people may have never had before.

Know the journey, own the destination


We’re looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic and experienced Communications Coordinator to help develop innovative communication and engagement solutions for the business. As a Communications Coordinator at Careers Australia, you will apply your skills in this fast paced, energy filled environment to assist with the efficient delivery of our communications strategies.

Reporting to the Brand and Campaign Manager, this varied role works closely with the Customer Experience and Alumni Managers to delivery articles for the MD’s monthly industry newsletter, Student & Alumni Web Pages, engagement campaigns, internal communications, and events and manage the social media content.

We’re unique in the way of having our own internal Creative Design Studio & Digital team therefore you will be exposed to all facets of Marketing within our business. 


Does your experience look similar?

  • Developing and managing content for Newsletters, Web Pages, Social Media, etc.
  • Developing content for handbooks and other promotional material
  • Writing success stories/ testimonials
  • Building template campaigns using a CRM ie, Sales Force and Marketing Cloud
  • Assisting with research and analysis on relevant competitors
  • Management of communications calendar for all areas of the business


Does this sound like you?

  • 2 or more years in marketing and/or in a communications role
  • Experience with developing corporate communications for board audiences
  • A motivated individual who is a self-starter with great time management and organisational skills
  • Have high level interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability in managing small to medium projects concurrently
  • Experience with Sales Force and/ or Marketing Cloud (considered advantageous)
  • Strong Computer literacy particularly Microsoft Office
  • Sharp attention to detail


Looking after our employees is important to us, and we offer a range of employee benefits including Corporate Travel Offers, Novated Leasing, Employee Engagement & Wellness programs and Discounted Corporate Health Insurance


Interested? Please apply here.

Social Media Specialist

Posted in Jobs on 02 July 2015

The Social Media Specialist is a newly created role to partner and drive thought leadership with our clients. This person will leverage their social media expertise to develop stronger relationships with clients, mentor members of the team, and be the champion across the social space.


The Candidate

We are looking for an enthusiastic, driven individual with entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for social media. Being a newly created role this is a great opportunity for someone to have direct input into the delivery of social media services to our clients so the ideal candidate will enjoy building new relationships with stakeholders. The individual will play a critical role in driving client engagement, retention and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction with our social tools.


What we do

Meltwater helps companies make better, more informed decisions based on insights from the outside. We believe that business strategy will be increasingly shaped by insights from online data. Organisations will look outside, beyond their internal reporting systems to a world of data that is constantly growing and changing. Our customers use these insights to make timely decisions based on real-time analysis. More than 23,000 companies use the Meltwater media intelligence platform to stay on top of billions of online conversations, extract relevant insights, and use them to strategically manage their brand and stay ahead of their competition.

With 50 offices on six continents,Meltwater is dedicated to personal, global service built on local expertise. Meltwater Australia was awarded one of the Great Places to Work in 2013. Meltwater also operates the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a nonprofit organisation devoted to nurturing future generations of entrepreneurs. For more information, follow Meltwater on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or visit


We are offering

  • Fast paced, exciting work environment experiencing tremendous growth;
  • A high level of responsibility and autonomy from day one with hands-on application led by senior management;
  • The potential to influence and shape a fast growing team and its culture;
  • Accelerated performance-based promotion program with team management and international opportunities available
  • Work with a team of like-minded individuals


The role

  • Be the Social Media subject matter expert internally and externally
  • You will want to champion this space and work with colleagues and external partners to educate and develop thinking within this space
  • Successfully develop digital strategies for clients
  • Identify trends to be incorporated across social media, content, wider digital media
  • Maintaining social media expertise
  • Develop strong, trusted relationships with our clients to enable strong retention and high levels of customer satisfaction
  • A very autonomous role with the training and development to empower you to impress and consult with some of Australia's best-known companies;
  • Implement strategies to drive business growth and inform decision-making at the C-suite level;
  • Work across all verticals; including non-profit, ASX100 listed, government and more...


Your background and Experience

  • University degree (any discipline) with strong academic results
  • 2-4 years experience in social marketing, with proven examples of strategies developed for well known brands in the social media space
  • Previous experience in social/PR/Digital oriented agency preferred
  • Previous experience with these these social tools will be beneficial- Meltwater Buzz, Radian6, Sysomos, Buzz Numbers, Hootsuite, Sprout Social
  • Prior experience in an agency environment will also be beneficial
  • Strategically strong and understands the client's business and is able to connect business challenges and social strategy/tactics
  • Expert in understanding of social media and established understanding of the wider digital communications landscape
  • Passionate about quickly evolving digital/social media environment with a strong POV to share with clients and colleagues
  • Excellent business acumen - able to identify new client opportunities and act on them
  • Must demonstrate a proven track record of social consulting engagements that produced positive business results
  • Exceptional communication & relationship building skills


To apply please send your application to

Digital & Content Marketing Coordinator

Posted in Jobs on 02 July 2015

As Harvest’s resident digital and content marketing expert, you will be working closely with the Director with mentoring and support from a leading digital agency to ensure Harvest’s marketing goals are met.

This is a high output role that drives the growth of the business by providing exceptional marketing across all platforms. Ultimately, you will be charged with growing the Harvest community and enrolments, and ensuring consistent and effective exposure for the organisation as a whole.

The role also has in-built learning, with mentoring from digital and content marketing professionals. For the right candidate, there is huge scope for growth and professional development.



  1. Demonstrated commitment to the ethos and values of the Christian Church.
  2. A passion for all things digital - and a willingness to learn more and keep up with constant changes in the industry.
  3. Excellent written communicator, preferably with some writing/journalism experience.
  4. A relevant qualification in writing, communications and/or marketing.
  5. At least two years experience in a marketing, social media, writing/communications or community role.
  6. Demonstrated experience working both autonomously and part of a team.
  7. Superior time and project management skills.
  8. Demonstrated capacity to work both independently as well as cooperatively as part of a team.
  9. Willingness to commit to Harvest Bible College’s values of transformation, partnership, innovation, leadership, truth, quality and diversity

To be eligible for this position you must be an Australian citizen, Permanent resident. International applications will be accepted if you hold the appropriate work visa.

**Only applications addressing the Selection Criteria, along with Resume and Cover Letter will be reviewed**

Applications close on 10/7/2015

To apply: A Position Description including the Key Selection Criteria is available in the about us/employment section of our website




Microsoft Starts Taking Windows 10 Reservations

Posted in News on 15 June 2015

Microsoft on Monday confirmed that Windows 10 will be released July 29 as a free upgrade for PCs and tablets running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and on new Windows 10 devices.

The OS will be available for other devices later this year. However, Microsoft hasn't indicated which of the at least seven Windows 10 builds will be released.

Windows 10 includes the Start menu, which was brought back in Win 8.1 after its exclusion from Win 8 outraged many users.

Consumers can reserve free upgrades now.

New Features in Windows 10

Windows 10 features Microsoft's Cortana personal digital assistant.

Cortana is integrated into Microsoft Edge, the new browser built from the ground up for Windows 10.

The new OS also includes Windows Hello, which greets users by name. It includes biometric authentication so users can log into their PCs without a password.

Windows 10 runs the full Office 2016 suite, plus new, Universal Windows applications for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook that offer a consistent, touch-first experience across a range of devices.

The OS also features Windows Continuum, which transforms desktop applications for mobile device use and vice versa, and lets Windows phones be used as PCs.

In addition, Windows 10 lets users play games on the Xbox Live gaming network using their PCs or tablets.

Caveats, Warnings and Grumbles

Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs and laptops have to register within one year to get the free upgrade. The Enterprise editions of these OSes don't qualify. Users of machines running Windows Vista or XP, or pirated versions of Windows, don't qualify either. The free upgrade is limited by the life of the device it's installed on.

Cortana won't be available in all markets at launch. Windows Hello will require a specialized illuminated infrared camera for facial recognition or iris detection, or a finger print reader that supports the Windows Biometric Framework. Continuum for phones will be available only on selected models at launch.

No Pain, No New Feature Gain

Getting users to purchase a new laptop or desktop in order to fully exploit the new features of Windows 10 is "absolutely the intent," said Wes Miller, senior analyst at Directions on Microsoft.

"While an existing device is likely to work quite well with Windows 10, making the most of the new OS -- if you really want to use all the new features, Windows Hello in particular -- will likely require a new PC," he told TechNewsWorld.

Still, most existing Windows applications that don't offer low-level security or management functionality will just work on Windows 10, Miller said, although full backward compatibility remains an issue.

"Microsoft is uninstalling their own Media Center feature, even if you paid for it in the past," he pointed out.

Kicking RT Users to the Curb

Devices running Windows RT will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10, which puzzles Al Hilwa, a research program director at IDC.

That leaves purchasers of Microsoft Surface RT and Surface 2 out in the cold.

"Since [these devices] would only run the ARM version of Windows 10, one might imagine that they would be able to run Windows 10 Mobile," Hilwa told TechNewsWorld.

"Microsoft has decided that Surface either has unique hardware requirements that makes the machines unable to run this OS, or that the experience or testing cycle has not been adequate for such larger-screen devices."

Just Following Industry Practices

It's understandable that Cortana won't be available globally when Windows 10 is launched, Miller said.

"Google and Apple have done the same in the past, as localizing an intelligent assistant isn't easy," he explained. "I'd expect it to arrive in other locals over the coming months and years."

Windows 10 "will work on a pretty significant swath of existing systems out there," Miller pointed out. While existing devices' hardware may not be able to exploit new features in the OS, "this is often the case when a new OS ships."


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